I'm really lazy.
I like art & cats.
I'm struggling with things.
Mostly love/hate feelings towards mostly everything. But I'm really nice so don't be shy. I absolutely adore art of all kinds and use this blog to show case and organize all of my work which you can find in the links above. I also spend a lot of time with my camera taking pictures. Not that you, kind person, would, but don't claim anything you find of mine as your own. That's just rude.

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Also this guy #catsofinstagram #societyhill #cat #bro

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#philly can be kind of beautiful I guess. As long as you’re alone.

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#southstreet looking somewhat like the #apocalypse #goingoutsleepwalking #philly :)

Tonight I asked someone to comfort me. This person is supposed to love me. I told them I needed their love, & how much it mattered. I was ignored.

(Why do muscle cramps coincide with orgasms)

Im obsessed with sex
Fucking sex obsessed
Pleased and at peace
My knees against my chest
But most will never know
What I do when I’m alone
Because I’m modest, not immoral
And I don’t do unless I’m told.

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Helicopter flying low #sky #pennslanding #fly #helicopter #philly #philadelphia

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Fresh ass hardback #book #reading #thegirlwiththedragontattoo #septa

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Straw-BAE-rita #ew #foine #ass #bitches @marylouiseeee @lilme0w

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Cotton candy clouds #skyporn #sky #clouds #stoopkids @lainayyy

So like

I’m at this house party and I’m just not feeling it, people keep sneaking away to do blow, couples keep arguing, sly mean girl glances to be had for all… I just wanna be home on the internet, while drawing, while watching Buffy (cause I’m in the fifth season and shit is getting real) and then when I’m done make a booty call and attempt to satiate my rambunctious sex drive. Instead I’m subjecting myself to social torture in an attempt to seem pleasant and fun.

Maybe I can one day just admit defeat and become the recluse I always have known myself to be.


Is that Dwayne the Brock Johnson?

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